Success in Oxford County

Kate and her partner Gary have four children under the age of eight. Gary has worked seasonal jobs at Sunday River and other local businesses. He told South Paris staff that he wanted to find a “real career” instead of seasonal work so he could support his family. Gary has considered getting his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), driving heavy equipment, or working in a manufacturing environment. Based on his interests, staff arranged interviews for Gary with KBS Homes in South Paris and with Grover Precision in Oxford. Gary accepted a position as a machinist making tubing and cannulated bar for medical, aerospace and defense industries. Kate has now accepted a part-time seasonal job testing water samples at area lakes. Kate plans to go back to school for a healthcare related career once their children are all in school. She told staff that she is excited to be able to take her kids along with her to work where they are learning more about the environment and their family is on the path to self-sufficiency.