Customer Service Promise

Our Customer Service Promise guides all interactions between our employees, the people we serve, their families and our community. We pledge the following:

Professional and Committed: We are workforce development professionals who strive to be the best in our field by keeping current on best practices and industry trends. We aim to deliver individualized and impactful services including expert career counseling, workshops designed to motive and prepare, volunteer experiences to promote skill development and career exploration, and job placement assistance for careers in Maine’s growing industries.

Friendly and Courteous: We are passionate about our work and approach it with a helpful and positive spirit. Everyone who visits our Opportunity Centers will be greeted warmly and feel valued. On the phone, you should hear a “smile” in our voices and see professionalism and courtesy in our written communications.

Respectful and Encouraging: Everyone we serve is viewed and treated as an individual. We understand that everyone we serve has different interests, unique family circumstances and personal goals. We protect and respect the privacy, confidentiality and boundaries of those we serve without exception. Everyone is encouraged and supported to make their own choices and achieve at their highest level.

Understanding and Supportive: We utilize our resources, knowledge and network of partners to help those we serve with navigating challenges and obstacles. This includes recognizing and aiding with major life concerns such as mental health issues, substance use disorders, domestic violence, medical and disability needs, food insecurity, homelessness and others.

Honest and Transparent: We share information in a manner that is accessible and understandable. We encourage and welcome feedback through surveys available on, through email at, our helpline at 844-653-0316 and through social media. 

Timely and Responsive: We are proactive and take initiative. All communications, phone calls, text messages and emails are returned within 24 hours without exception.