Success in Androscoggin County

Rose arrived at Families Forward in Lewiston on a Friday this month and informed staff that she no longer had housing. Six months pregnant with a toddler and no family in Maine, she had been staying with an acquaintance, but was asked to leave. Staff at once began making calls and secured a spot at a local shelter, but it was not available until Monday. Families Forward staff across the state began to reach out to local resources to secure housing for the weekend. As a final effort, Lewiston staff posted the circumstances on social media, and they were contacted immediately by a community member who owns a grocery store. They offered a cash donation and free groceries to the family. The donation covered two nights at a hotel and staff found a church which donated for the third night. On Monday, Rose and her child made it safely to the shelter. Rose told staff that she was overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness for the support she received from staff and the community.