York County

Dani started at the Sanford Opportunity Center in late 2019 and has faced several obstacles related to childcare. Both of her children experienced serious mental health concerns, which made it difficult for Dani to attend her scheduled workshops and focus on her job search. When her children were having challenges, Dani kept in touch with the staff, and she was granted Dani Good Cause to help manage her children’s needs. Dani told the team, “I don’t feel like I will ever be able to get a job, not with the way things are now.” Through a hiring event, she was hired to work at the US Census Bureau. Dani describes it as the perfect job for her at this time because she has not worked in many years and it would allow her the flexibility; she needs to take care of her children and set her own schedule.

Cumberland County

Denise moved to Maine from the Midwest in late 2019 to escape a domestic violence situation. When she arrived for her initial orientation at the South Portland Opportunity Center, she told the staff that she was nervous about building a new life. Staff assisted Denise with resources for domestic violence and helped her connect with a counselor. In February, Denise got a job at Maine Health but lost the job after a month because her child could no longer attend daycare. Fedcap staff then referred Denise to a virtual career fair through JobsInME. They also recommended that she investigate UNUM for potential careers since she had customer service experience. Denise applied for a job at UNUM, and she recently reported that she was offered a job.