Success in Penobscot County

Katrina’s goal is to become a Medical Coder.

When Katrina enrolled with the Opportunity Center in Brewer, she was facing many challenges. She lacked a driver’s license and a vehicle. She also could not find suitable care for her child who experiences disabilities. She told staff that she was interested in becoming a driver for Uber because it would provide her with flexibility and allow her to provide care for her child. Staff recommended that Katrina attend career development classes during which she learned about the Healthcare OnRamp program. Katrina recently completed the Healthcare OnRamp and has decided to pursue a career in healthcare. As a first step, she is enrolling in a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program. She has also started driving lessons. Katrina recently noted in her OnRamp homework “I have always liked learning about the history of the medical community and how it has transformed into what it is today. There are so many interesting things to learn about in all aspects of it. Another reason I would pick this field for work, it humbles you and teaches you so much and It is always changing.”

Success in Aroostook County

Maria’s goal is to work in a Nursing Home.

When Maria began working with Fedcap in Fort Kent in the spring of 2019, she attended career development classes. She wanted to go to work, but she had difficulty finding employment with a schedule that would allow her time to care for her children with disabilities. Staff helped her with applying for leave from the program to care for her family and continued to check in with her to offer support and resources, including leads for employment opportunities. This month Maria reported to staff that she had found “the perfect job.” She was hired at an area nursing facility to work a 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM shift which does not conflict with her children’s daily schedule. Maria told staff that the support and the resources they had supplied were essential in supporting her return to the workforce.

Success in Franklin County

Bethanny’s goal is to become an elementary school teacher.

Bethanny began working with Fedcap in Farmington at the end of last year. Her plan was to enroll in Early Childhood Education and get her degree to begin teaching. She was accepted as a full-time student with an expected graduation date in May 2023. Staff helped her with childcare which allowed her to get a position at a local optician’s office helping patients with picking out glasses. Bethanny recently contacted staff and requested a withdrawal from TANF. She told them “I have everything I need right now.” Staff encouraged her to apply to the HOPE (Higher Opportunity for Pathways to Employment) program and to contact them at any time.