Oxford County

Liz is part of a two-parent household that has been on TANF for 56 months. In the past, she had cashiering jobs but expressed to staff that she was always interested in caring for people. Staff at the South Paris Opportunity Center were able to help her enroll in a Certified Medical Residential Aide (CMRA) program through Region 9 Adult 8 Education in March and for her to participate remotely during COVID-19. Liz reported that her partner helped her study by making flashcards and quizzing her. She successfully completed the course at the end of April. During this time, she also applied for a housekeeping position at Rumford Hospital and informed them that she was taking the CRMA course. She was hired at the hospital in the housekeeping department but hopes that now that she has her CRMA that she will soon transition to a CRMA position.