Washington County

Tory came to the Fedcap Opportunity Center in Machias after losing her job in the foodservice industry. Her work was put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and she found herself homeschooling her child and caring for her partner’s special needs child. During her intake, she shared with staff that she was overwhelmed and that adding workshops, technology, and phone meetings to her new role at home was the source of much stress for her. Tory initially resisted attending classes, but with encouragement from staff and understanding of her daily schedule and demands, she eventually logged on to her first PoP class, where she saw that all the other parents in her virtual classroom shared similar daily struggles. After a few classes, staff contacted Tory and it was immediately noticed that her whole attitude toward participation had changed. She told the staff that she was now looking forward to her classes. She inquired about more workshops and stated that she wanted to do all that was required as she moves towards her post COVID-19 career goals.

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