Penobscot County

Constance was referred to Brewer Opportunity Center in 2019 as part of a two-parent household. At that time, her family had been on TANF for 57 months. Constance was motivated to complete her degree in Nursing, and she worked with Brewer staff to create a plan that would enable her to finish her degree and allow her spouse to stay home and care for their children. Constance was helped with transportation, auto insurance, and auto repair. Constance also worked with staff to request an extension of her TANF benefits while she completed her degree. In month 70 of her TANF benefits, Constance graduated with her degree in Nursing from Beal College. She recently reported that she passed her licensing tests and received a job offer from Northern Light Hospital. She will soon start working full-time and making more than $30.00 per hour. Constance has reported that she is thrilled about a new career in healthcare.

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