Knox County

The mother of a young child, Jordan, began with Fedcap in Rockland in 2017. From the beginning, she had challenges with following through on any activities and recently confided to staff that she has been struggling with mental health issues. When asked about future goals, she said she had been accepted to the Aveda Institute of Maine for cosmetology but did not enroll. Staff recommended that she work with her behavioral health provider and they would help her with supports to go to school. After that, Jordan started coming into the Fedcap office regularly and assisting with clerical work, organizing the clothing closet, and helping other participants in the network center. Staff quickly noticed a change in her appearance as she stopped wearing sweatpants and began dressing for success. She told the staff that she had a new plan for managing her mental health issues and she was scheduled to start school at the beginning of April. When the COVID-19 shutdown started, Jordan’s plans for attending school were uncertain and she told staff that she was worried that it would be delayed. Fortunately, she received a new start date for April 27th and that her initial classes would all be completed remotely. Staff checked in with Jordan after her first week and she told them she was “loving it.”

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