Androscoggin County

Mary is married and has two school-aged children. She attended orientation at the Lewiston Opportunity in late fall 2019. During intake, she reported working at Big Lots part-time and indicated that she wanted to volunteer and participate in other job readiness activities. Mary did not follow through with any activities and returned to Fedcap in early 2020. She reported that she had lost her job, and both she and her husband were now receiving recovery and treatment for substance use disorder (SUD). The family then fell out of contact with the staff for another month. Mary then returned on her own and reported death in her family and that her husband had been hospitalized. At that time, Mary started to engage in job search activities and received assistance with transportation, auto insurance, and interview clothing. Her husband was also released from the hospital. Mary interviewed for a position as a Billing Specialist and was hired. She started her new job mid-April working fulltime, making $18.00 per hour with full benefits. Staff contacted Mary recently who expressed that she was thrilled with her new job and that she was “amazed” to get a job during the pandemic.

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