Washington County

Charles first came to the Calais Opportunity Center in 2017 but he struggled for almost two years with participating in any activities due to a substance use disorder.  Last year, he started medication-assisted treatment for his substance use disorder and his attendance began to steadily improve and he completed job readiness activities and updated his resume.  Calais staff then arranged for Charles to start a volunteer position with an area thrift store to help him build confidence and adjust to work expectations.  He quickly proved himself as an asset at his volunteer site and feedback from his supervisor had the following feedback on Charles:    “He does all that is asked of him with a smile on his face. He works well with other volunteers and patrons who say all good things about him.”  In January 2020, Charles reported to Calais staff that he was hired for a maintenance job working approximately 32 hours a week, making $16.00 an hour. He also told staff that he had spoken to the manager of a Wastewater Treatment facility who told Charles that he would be retiring in a few years.  He suggested to Charles that he take some classes on wastewater treatment so he would be ready to apply for the manager’s position when it becomes available.  Charles told the staff that it would be his dream job as he had previous work in wastewater treatment.  Staff is going to assist him with getting the training he needs to prepare him for that future opportunity. 

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