Aroostook County

John and Eliza with their children moved to Northern Maine last fall from another New England state due to financial challenges.  When they arrived in Maine, they applied to TANF to assist with getting established and they were referred to the Caribou Opportunity Center.  Since starting with Fedcap John and Eliza have received assistance with getting their own vehicle, completed job readiness classes and developing their career goals.  Eliza had previous experience working in a nursing facility and wanted to return to the medical field.  To help her get started, staff arranged for her to complete a volunteer experience at a local nursing facility and they quickly hired her as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  John also started a course to be an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) but started to fall behind in his studies.  He reached out to Fedcap staff for help and it was arranged for him to be tutored each week by a Fedcap staff member who is an EMT.    John told the staff that even though the class is hard, requires a lot of work, it is his long-term goal to save lives and to provide for his family and community.

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